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Amit Bhat

Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

I consider myself very fortunate by studying Vedic Astrology from Ernst Wilhelm from the last eight years to understand life from the lens of Vedas. It has been an exciting learning for me because continuous self improvement has been my key priority in life and my birth chart has served as a mirror to see accurately what needs to be improved.
Sri Yukteswar said "Learn to behave". Birth Chart helps us understand our bad lajjitadi avasthas which screw us and make our life miserable and those can be consciouly worked upon and improved . It also enables us to see our evolutionary path in a better light that we want to embrace so as to make our lives enjoyable.
I have realized that remedies like Baach Flowers, Gems, Mantras can help us heal significantly and thus help us to take charge of our kingdom of life positively. We can also come to terms with the path we are meant to traverse on earth with a healthy perspective.

May God's light shine through us. Aum Shanti.

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Neha Raina

My husband was looking for a job change for a very long time and no clarity was coming when it will happen. Amit looked at his chart and predicted few dates. On the very first predicted date, my husband got the offer letter. It was exciting to see this happen.

Apoorva Hiremath

I am very thankful to Mr Amit Bhat. Just with day, time and place of birth as input, whatever analysis he put forth about me, was close to correct. He guided me well for selecting suitable stones for my Rashi. I followed his instructions and experienced many changes in my life, inclined to positivity, at personal and professional level.

Ajit pal singh

I know Amit as we had the  same Astrology teacher .I remember how Amit used to ask very deep rooted questions which were of higher realms in life.His deep knowledge of the subject at this young age is exemplary .He is very down to earth and humble. In the recent past I had asked him about my new job timing and his prediction was bang on not only that his guidance in why I am facing career issues also helped me gain insights and work on week areas ,this is unique for any astrologer . Highly recommend his services .

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