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Why I like Vedic Astrology?

Life is earth is like a roller coaster for most human beings. Saints have told us we are here for a purpose and learn some lessons. Based on the law of karma we will encounter the situations which will be the right training ground for us.

Vedic Astrology helps us to understand the avasthas of our consciousness which unfold with dasas. If they are good, life looks great and if they are bad, life sucks.

Good thing here is we can watch these avasthas and make a conscious effort to rectify them. Its like we understand from the chart that we already observe within us and note it down and then make continuous effort to change it and thus improve the quality of our life.

Parashara mentioned these avasthas as Garvit (proud), Mudit (delighted), Kshudit (starved), Kshobit (agitated) and Lajjita (ashamed). These avasthas can be observed in the birth chart by vedic techniques and counselling can be done accordingly.

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