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Healing Rahu Ketu for Personal Growth

for improving your weakest areas that are holding you back

  • 1 hour
  • 40 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Introduction Video : This service is for those who want to work on their personality development by embracing their subconscious growth potential that is pushing itself to develop. Rahu-Ketu is our evolutionary axis in this life. While Ketu shows what we were mostly doing in our past lives, Rahu shows what we really need to do in this lifetime to get breakthrough over the hardest challenges which the life can throw on us.Rahu is a misty planet and often places us in very confusing situations or take us through curvy turvy rides, unexpected things. Rahu shows undeveloped areas of our psyche and urges us to look at it and work towards it. Ketu shows what we can be very good at as we did lot of work on those areas in past life. Since we are on the path of evolution, so what we already learnt in past lives won't come to our rescue everytime as we need to grow in new areas, so Ketu can fail us miserably as these strengths may not be able to solve our current life problems for which we need to develop Rahu now. So, this understanding is of paramount importance on knowing how to improve upon our current weak areas by deep introspection and knowledge. Your happy and troubled planets reading is preliminary to this reading.

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