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Healing Naturally and Deeply through Flower Essences

Hello, my name is Amit Bhat. I have been learning and practicing vedic astrology from last 8 years with an intent of finding natural solution to common problems of life in a very complex world where we live through the science of vedic astrology.

I have been learning with one of the best astrologer of these times Ernst Wilhelm and you can find me here:

Dustin Cormier featured me in in the list of tropical astrologers in this video at 51:50 :

In astrology we learn that each planet represents a very important and unique function of our consciousness and all the planets work together in a way that deliver the results of actions of our stored karmas of previous and this life and also gives us the energy to draw the painting of our life as we desire. So if the planets configuration in the sky when a person was born was like healthier and productive, then that person sets off on a very good foundation in life to further write the beautiful story that they desire. On the contrary, if the configuration of the planets is like representing more painful and stressful life, then the universe gives the difficult experiences to the person. There is a great debate on free will versus fated life but the saints say that 75% of our life is fated by past karmas of previous lives and 25% can still be controlled and upgraded by the application of our will and faith in the divine power.

So an astrology chart is not the final fate but the people have the opportunity to improve themselves and eventually rise above the difficulties of life. In fact, God has created a unique path for everyone which is necessary for the evolution of that soul by giving the opportunities to recognize, develop and express the innate nature of the divine soul.

Albert Einstein told :

You can't solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.

Divine Yogi Lahari Mahasaya said in famous “Autobiography of a Yogi” book:

"Solve all your problems through meditation," [Lahiri Mahasaya said]. "Attune yourself to the active inner Guidance; the Divine Voice has the answer to every dilemma of life. Though man's ingenuity for getting himself into trouble appears to be endless, the Infinite Succour is no less resourceful."

Though he said the above lines in the context of practicing daily meditation, I found that healing essences of flowers are one of the best gifts of God too to the ailing human race of so many psychological complexes which take away the joys of the beautiful indwelling soul.

I am fascinated to see how the flower essences help to purify the human consciousness by experimenting with them for many years. So, what we are basically doing with these essences is raising our consciousness by purifying it by the higher vibrations of the flowers. Paramahansa Yogananda said like that flowers have highest vibration among all things on earth. So we must utilize the naturally uplifting quality of flower essences in order to move forward on the journey of life and explore the inner beauty of our soul consciousness in deep meditation.

With the help of your astrology chart, I can help you to short list the best Australian bush essences or bach flower essences in order to put you on a faster and natural path of inner transformation.

You can book my services here:



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