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Natural Healing Methods For Each Zodiac Sign by Jane from

Jane is an ardent astrologer from She has been practicing the art of astrology for more than 3 years and is very passionate about helping other people to discover who they are.

Enjoy her guest post below:

Hey friend! Have you ever wondered if the position of the stars and planets at the exact time you were born influences your health and wellbeing? Astrology suggests it does!

Your astrological birth chart provides insight into your natural strengths and vulnerabilities. This allows you to take preventative steps and make choices that promote healing and balance in your body, mind and spirit.

In this post, I'll explore how astrology can guide you to pick holistic remedies, foods, activities and practices that are most supportive to your unique constitution.

Remember, each suggestion in this article only touches the surface of the specific methods tailored for your zodiac sign. If you want to dig deeper, I’d recommend you to consult a professional astrologer instead.

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets encoded in the stars so you can start feeling your best?

Let’s get started!

Understanding Your Astrological Blueprint

The first step is getting to know your astrological blueprint by analyzing your natal birth chart. This is a map of where all the planets and constellations were at your exact time and place of birth.

A skilled astrologer can interpret what each placement signifies about your natural tendencies - mentally, physically and spiritually.

Every zodiac sign is associated with certain body parts, so your chart will reveal strengths and weaknesses related to your health. For example, any planets in fiery Aries may make you prone to headaches. And particularly with Aries in the 1st House, you may tend to have many issues with your face and head.

Once you understand how the cosmos has imprinted you, you can make more aligned choices to overcome challenges and maximize your vitality!

Herbs and Supplements Suited to Your Signs

Do you know that herbal medicine has been used for centuries to bring the body back into balance?

Different herbs have affinities for different organs and physiological systems. Knowing your astrological inclinations can help guide you to the most appropriate botanicals.

For instance, if you have a lot of water signs like Cancer and Pisces in your chart, you may benefit from demulcent herbs like marshmallow root and aloe vera to soothe your sensitive digestive system.

If you're fire sign dominant with lots of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius energy, cooling and relaxing herbs like chamomile, lavender and lemon balm can counterbalance your intense nature.

Here are some herbs and supplements that may resonate with each zodiac sign:

·         Aries: Ginger, cayenne, black pepper, Hawthorn berry

·         Taurus: Chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root, magnesium

·         Gemini: Ginkgo biloba,peppermint, ginseng, B vitamins

·         Cancer: Marshmallow root, aloe vera, slippery elm, vitamin D

·         Leo: Hawthorn berry, rosemary, ginkgo, CoQ10

·         Virgo: Oregano, thyme, carnitine, digestive enzymes

·         Libra: Calendula, burdock root, dandelion, zinc

·         Scorpio: Garlic, cayenne, turmeric, antioxidant blend

·         Sagittarius: White willow bark, boswellia, DLPA, vitamin C

·         Capricorn: Devil’s claw, calcium, glucosamine, MSM

·         Aquarius: Ginseng, ginkgo, DHA/EPA fish oils, probiotics

·         Pisces: Stinging nettle, chamomile, vitamin B, selenium

Food and Diet Adjustments for Your Astro-Body

"Fuel your body with the wisdom of wholesome nutrition, for it is the foundation upon which your health and vitality stand tall." – Mystical Prophet

In astrology, "You are what you eat" rings true on both a physical and energetic level!

By choosing foods that align with your astrological makeup, you can nourish body and soul altogether. I'll share some suggestions here based on the elements and ruling planets of each zodiac sign:

1.      Aries: Your ruling planet is Mars, so your high energy requires plenty of protein, spicy flavors and blood-building foods like meat, garlic and dark leafy greens. Skip heavy, starchy meals.

2.      Taurus: Ruled by Venus, fulfill your senses with delicious herbs, fruits and grains like artisan breads, fresh berries and garden salads. Avoid processed food.

3.      Gemini: Mercury-ruled, so emphasize foods that boost mental clarity like avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil and curry spices. Prevent nerve-taxing caffeine and sugar highs/lows.

4.      Cancer: The moon nurtures this water sign, so homecooked comforting foods like broth-based soups, eggs, yams and coconut feed your soul. Limit cold, raw foods.

5.      Leo: The sun fuels fiery Leo, so lightly cooked vegetables, citrus fruits, lion’s mane mushrooms and plenty of water keeps your inner flame bright. Skip heavy meats.

6.      Virgo: Mercury’s earth sign favors digestible whole grains like oats, millet and quinoa with cultured dairy, fermented foods and enzymes. Go easy on fried and greasy fare.

7.      Libra: Ruled by harmonizing Venus, a balanced palette of wholesome Thai or Japanese cuisine pleases Libra. Emphasize fresh greens, herbs and spices.

8.      Scorpio: Pluto imbues Scorpio’s tastes with intensity, so antioxidant-rich foods like berries, dark chocolate and curry satisfy you. Avoid excessive alcohol.

9.      Sagittarius: Jupiter expands Sagittarius’ appetite, so opt for lighter proteins like fish, beans and turkey with energizing fruits and veggies. Limit heavy, greasy plates.

10.  Capricorn: The serious Saturn guides prudent Capricorn toward sensible nourishing fare like oatmeal, bone broth and mineral-rich root vegetables. Only an occasional treat.

11.  Aquarius: Quirky Uranus favors inventive cuisine with an ethnic flair including kimchi, chutneys and fusion dishes. Keep blood sugar balanced.

12.  Pisces: Neptune’s dreamy water sign is nourished by soulful seafood, antioxidant-rich teas, hydrating soups and probiotic foods. Lighten up on fried fare.

Lifestyle Rituals Attuned to Your Nature

Based on your birth chart, your astrological tendencies also gives clues about beneficial self-care rituals like exercise, meditation and creative pursuits that promote wellness:

·         Aries: High intensity training like martial arts, competitive sports and brief bursts of cardio improve focus and release aggression.

·         Taurus: Slow, steady and graceful routines like yoga, pilates and gardening give you grounding. Pamper yourself regularly.

·         Gemini: Fun group activities that engage your quick mind like dance classes, volleyball and hiking prevent restlessness.

·         Cancer: Connecting with family and friends restores your spirits as does quiet time near water. Keep cozy at home.

·         Leo: Creative self-expression such as performance art, acting and leadership roles keeps your passion alive. Luxuriate often.

·         Virgo: Mindfulness meditation, walks in nature and tidying/organizing your space soothes your mind and soul. Get adequate rest.

·         Libra: Graceful, social activities like couples ballroom dance classes, art galleries with friends and nature outings bring harmony.

·         Scorpio: Cathartic routines like therapeutic massage, acupuncture and journaling help process intense emotions for renewal.

·         Sagittarius: Adventure travel, language study, heated vinyasa yoga and volunteering expands your optimism and knowledge.

·         Capricorn: Steady-paced strength training, nature-based recreation and business strategy games satisfy your disciplined soul.

·         Aquarius: Offbeat workouts like trampoline fitness, avant garde music and science/tech conferences stimulate innovation.

·         Pisces: Float therapy, improvisational dance, photography and charitable endeavors activates empathy and intuition.

Holistic Therapies in Alignment with Your Chart

Beyond herbs and nutrition, a wide array of holistic therapies can also be selected based on your zodiac sun sign. Here are some examples:

·         Aries: acupuncture to balance your fiery qi, craniosacral therapy to ease headaches

·         Taurus: reiki infused with rose quartz crystals, massage with essential oils like sandalwood

·         Gemini: breathwork like alternate nostril breathing, talk therapy sessions

·         Cancer: hypnotherapy to nurture inner child, osteopathy for spine/posture

·         Leo: drama therapy, creative visualization for fame and fortune

·         Virgo: aromatherapy, reflexology foot massage

·         Libra: art therapy, crystal sound baths

·         Scorpio: shamanic healing, past life regression

·         Sagittarius: equine therapy, laughter yoga

·         Capricorn: structural integration, classical homeopathy

·         Aquarius: biofeedback, colored light therapy

·         Pisces: float therapy, reiki water healing


After all, your natal chart provides a wealth of insight into supportive remedies and treatments. An experienced astrologer, such as Wisdom Tavern, can help you interpret your unique makeup and patterns using this ancient cosmic wisdom.

With this knowledge, you can choose the most nourishing foods, herbs, activities and therapies for your mind-body constitution!

I hope this overview gives you a sense of how profoundly the celestial spheres that were circling above at your first breath imprinted you energetically. While genetics and environment play key roles in your health, don't underestimate the power of the planets!

Getting an astrological chart reading can unlock understanding about your inborn strengths, vulnerabilities and secret superpowers. With this insight, you can customize natural healing modalities that align with your energetic frequency to achieve greater wellbeing.

Don't just take my word for it - schedule a session with an astrologer today and start optimizing your physical, mental and spiritual health journey!

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